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Apple Music announces Summertime Sounds campaign with Zakes Bantwini & Nandi Madida 

Apple Music’s Summertime Sounds campaign has become the go-to space for all the hottest summer-themed content and the year’s biggest tracks, and this festive season they are heating things up with Grammy Award winner, dance music producer, songwriter and artist Zakes Bantwini and Africa Now Radio host Nandi Madida.

As husband and wife, this powerhouse duo are at the forefront of music trends, and Nandi Madida has created an exclusive Summertime Sounds playlist for Apple Music that features all of the tracks on heavy rotation in their household, for subscribers to enjoy.

“The reason I chose these songs as my songs of the summer is to celebrate life and the beautiful music we have globally. Music is truly the best form of escapism,” Nandi tells Apple Music.

Zakes Bantwini Summertime Sounds
Zakes Bantwini Summertime Sounds

“The perfect place to enjoy this playlist is somewhere on the coast with great views or out and about with friends,” Zakes says.

Additionally, Zakes Bantwini has created an exclusive DJ mix for Apple Music’s Summertime Sounds. He tells Apple Music: “There are two specific songs on the mix that are singles off my new album The Star is Reborn that will be released on December 8th. These songs have a very special place in my heart, as one is dedicated to my mom ‘Mama Thula’, and the other to my dad ‘Abaseko’, who are both late and I miss and love them dearly.”

“This summer I’m looking forward to traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, discovering new music and enjoying great food,” he adds. “I’m also looking forward to spending some quality time with my beautiful family.”

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