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Apple Music Introduces Collaborative Playlists 

Apple Music today introduced Collaborative Playlists, adding to a series of new exciting features elevating the listening experience for subscribers. From reimagining how we listen together, to helping music fans learn more about who made their favorite music, to visual enhancements that make daily interactions easier and more fun—Apple Music is redefining the way we listen.

Collaborate on playlists and react to songs with emojis. Apple Music subscribers can collaborate on playlists with family and friends. Users can invite each other to select and edit tracks, and even add emoji reactions to specific songs. HERE is a fun video with Apple Music Radio’s Ebro Darden, Nadeska Alexis and LowKey showing how it works.

Additional features and enhancements released with iOS 17

Contribute to what’s playing in the car with SharePlay. Apple Music brings SharePlay to the car so that everyone can easily choose what’s playing. When users are in a car and listening with Apple Music, other trusted iPhone devices will automatically suggest joining the session. Listeners can control the music from their own devices, even if they don’t have an Apple Music subscription.

Enjoy an even more immersive Apple Music Sing experience with Continuity Camera. With Apple Music Sing and Continuity Camera, users are able to see themselves onscreen and apply all-new camera filters as they sing along to the lyrics of their favorite songs.

Mark and easily find favorite songs. Users can now mark songs as Favorite and find them all in one new playlist, so they can quickly revisit them.

Add even more to Favorite. Apple Music users can also select their favorite albums, playlists and artists. All their favorite music is automatically added to their library and improves their recommendations.

Personalize playlists with cover art. When creating a playlist or updating an older one, users can choose from new cover art templates. As they add music to the playlist, the colors in the template will update to reflect the music in the playlist.

Find new music inspiration with Suggested Songs. Apple Music is making it easier than ever to create and update users’ playlists with Suggested Songs. At the bottom of each playlist are five songs that match the vibe of the playlist they are making. Preview the suggested songs, or refresh to get new suggestions.

Enjoy motion art in Now Playing. Album art now appears full-screen in the music player, including motion where available, creating an even more immersive playback experience that showcases the users’ favorite artists.

Discover the artists behind favorite songs with Song Credits. Music fans can view comprehensive data about the artists who contributed to their favorite tracks, including their roles and the instruments they played.

Crossfade Between Songs. Now users can experience a smooth, gapless playback experience in Apple Music. Songs fade in while the previous song is fading out, creating a continuous mix of their favorite music.

Add Apple Music widgets to Home Screen. Users can now start listening right from the Home Screen. They can also choose from new widgets like personalized top picks, see what friends are listening to, dive into recommended New Releases or listen to music from Top Charts.

iOS 17.3 is a free software update that is available starting today for iPhone Xs and later. For more information, visit Some features may not be available in all regions, languages, or on all iPhone models. For more information about availability, visit

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