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B-Phace’s spine-chilling song ‘Give Them Hell’ out now

B Phace

On his latest, the Doxa Music Group boss B-Phace promises to ‘Give Them Hell‘ while keeping his tone light, storytelling obscure and spitting classy.

A self-produced solo effort from the Belgium-based producer, ‘Give Them Hell‘ may sound apocalyptic per its cover – you know, loud and full of aggression – but it’s not. B-Phace’s stylistic choice of instrumentation says otherwise.

Give Them Hell B-Phace

It seems instilling fear is his tool of choice here (just as the Batman he references), with the rapper-producer favoring calming synths that come off as eerie and spell of imminent doom whenever he and his “best friend” pay you a visit.

But take that away and there’s still lots to enjoy from how their fear mongering tactic unravels storywise: “I shoot at the door, now my n*gga follows suit. Ein black mask, so you’d never know who’s who/I drag a n*gga to the safe. He knows the deal. And dance with the devil, I’m about to show him hell“.


The concept here is not to mess with B-Phace and his dawgs – a plot that has long been the standard in mainstream Rap/Hip-Hop. As for whoever the “them” are in B-Phace’s new song. Go figure.

Get ready to sound the alarm to naysayers with B-Phace’s new drop ‘Give Them Hell‘.

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