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Bakilla shares new video for his “Black is Beautiful” ode ‘Ghana’ 

Ghanaian-born Belgian artist, Bakilla is out with an upbeat single ‘Ghana’ together with an accompanying video that sees him in the company of some gorgeous models as he sings and basks in the magnificence of their true beauty – their dark skin tone.

Bakilla shares the screen with his dark-skinned queens in a stunning and stylish show of why black is beautiful. The video, which is now out on the star’s YouTube has a number of shots showcasing a bevy of women and himself in scenes that go from all-white to very colorful; the latter flush with some dramatic lighting and sensual dances to top it all off. There are also lots of shots in between with Bakilla dancing and sipping liquor and you can watch it all below.

Bakilla Ghana

“I wanted the video to show the most important elements of Ghana”, Bakilla shared. “And to me, that is the beauty and value of both of black men and women in all its visual integrity. The message is meant to touch on both senses of the term ‘black beauty’ and its associated charms. Black women must appreciate their tones, that of black men, and black men must also do the same for harmony to exist. This is the kind of education I would like to extend to younger generations”.

Talking to Elite PR (@theelitepr) about the song, Bakilla further revealed: “I settled for Ghana as the song’s title not just because it’s my motherland, but due to its other etymologies which I felt mattered. It represents the name of a woman and a promised land!”.


‘Ghana’ comes after the Afrobeats and R&B singer’s well-received ‘Vibration’ and is up on all digital streaming platforms globally.

Watch the video below

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