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Boris Ket Unveils New Single “Pépéréré (No Time)” Featuring Vika 

Singer, songwriter, and performer Boris Ket is back with a new single, “Pépéréré (No Time),” featuring the talented Vika. This heartwarming track, which delves into the heartfelt dialogue between two newlyweds renewing their wedding vows, is set to resonate deeply with listeners.

“Pépéréré (No Time)” is a love song that embodies a vibrant energy and bounce, making it an instant favorite. The seamless vocal performances from both Boris Ket and Vika are perfectly synchronized, creating a harmonious and enjoyable listening experience. The catchy and engaging hook further enhances the song’s appeal, ensuring it stays with listeners long after the music ends.

Boris Ket, a prominent figure in Togolese music, first rose to fame in 2012 with his debut single “Serments,” recorded at Studio Sankara with the iconic rapper Didier AWADI in Dakar, Senegal. This track catapulted him to the rank of Best Artist Revelation at the All Music Awards in Togo the same year.

Before his rise to stardom, Boris Ket joined the renowned Senegalese group XALAM 2 as a backing singer in 2010 and participated in the World Festival of Negro Arts (FESMAN). His subsequent hits, including “Serments,” “Fatimata,” “Gne Magbawo Keo,” and “Be My Wife,” solidified his place in the hearts of Togolese music lovers and professionals.

Boris Ket’s growing popularity led to his first European tour, with performances in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. His single “Galére,” launched in Ivory Coast, expanded his fan base, and the acoustic version of “Galére” titled “Demain” released in 2018, enjoyed remarkable success in Togo. That same year, Boris embarked on another European tour, entertaining audiences in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

“Pépéréré (No Time)” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stream

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