dESH.DUBS, Sailee Nyondo and Jane Lilato collaborate for ‘Joe Chibangu’ in memory of the late Rap Prophet star

dESH.DUBS, Sailee Nyondo and Jane Lilato

Rap Prophets dESH.DUBS and Sailee Nyondo reunite for ‘Joe Chibangu’, their first collaborative effort in three decades! ‘Joe Chibangu’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

Zambian Hip-Hop pioneers dESH.DUBS and Sailee Nyondo have reunited for their first release in thirty years as members of Rap Prophets. If you were a fan of the illustrious group, their new song featuring Jane Lalito, ‘Joe Chibangu,’ is one you’d be fortunate to hear. It is long overdue. The eponymous track pays homage to the group’s late member, Joe Chibangu and will feature on dESH.DUBS’ June-bound studio album, “Mataglap”.

‘Joe Chibangu’ marks the first time the Rap Prophets have assembled since their 1995 self-titled debut album, which included the tracks ‘Take Time to Pray,’ ‘Leaders,’ ‘How Could You Die’ and ‘He Sent Jesus’. This high-flying Joseph Musaga-produced piece sees the two collaborate with another terrific Zambian artist, Germany-based Alec “Chichi” Katapazi, whose flair helped add more polish. Jane Lilato’s vocals tie the contributions of the three together in perfect harmony.

“When I was in Ndola to visit Sailee about two years ago, we never discussed music; Sailee even stated that he had given his guitar to his daughter and had ceased all musical activity,” dESH shares. “I never ceased making music and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Anyway, I began to discuss songs that could feature on my upcoming album (“Mataglap”) with him while he spoke nonstop about how much he enjoyed painting and how he was exhausted by music.”

“At one point, I had plans to collaborate with Jane Lilato; I set up a studio, but it was impractical, so I returned to Europe. Work on “Mataglap” proceeded smoothly. I believe I had completed the projects; the album was nearing completion of mastering when I thought a track dedicated to Joe would be the right thing to do. Initially, I wanted to do a song but settled for an interlude instead.”

“While putting down my ideas for the interlude, I pondered the possibility of including Sailee; I sent him the song, and he specifically responded that I should include a female vocalist. I immediately thought of Jane Lilato; I then called her and the rest is, as they say, history. I am trying to persuade Sailee to start making music again with at least a few more tracks and possibly an entire album to sustain the Rap Prophets name.”

‘Joe Chibangu’ was mixed by Marcel van Ling and mastered by Ivo Statinski in Amsterdam. It serves as the spiritual successor to the group’s 1996 song, ‘How Could You Die’, giving the once-great musician a memorable send-off lovers of his craft will appreciate.

dESH DUBS has been relentless in recent years. He has released a stream of singles in collaboration with several other Zambian artists, including Shimasta, his Zambezi symphony comrade Milz, Ty2, Hamoba and Ariel, ahead of his forthcoming album titled “Mataglap”. ‘Joe Chibangu’ sees Sailee Nyondo join his long list of collaborators, taking anticipation for his next project through the roof.

Samantha Jane Lilato Sakala is a talented singer and songwriter whose passion for music started early in her home due to her parents being renowned singers. She experienced tragic events during her upbringing that influenced her writing style to become more emotion-driven. One of Jane’s career highlights has been providing the theme song and soundtracks to the renowned ZNBC TV show Butuku. Lilato continues to appeal to diverse audiences with her polarizing brand. She aspires to use music to tackle problems many Christians and people find uncomfortable to discuss. Her ultimate goal is to provide hope and comfort to anyone going through personal trauma and struggling with negative emotions and mental health issues.

Zambian music veteran, Joe Chibangu passed away on February 3, 2017, aged 41. He was an Azami award winner and a two-time KORA awards nominee. Chibangu was best known for his debut album, “The Ambassador”, a name he would become known for and other hit songs like ‘Na Bwalya,’ ‘Shibuka (Kamale)’ and ‘Bana Malama’, among others. Throughout his career, he was a part of many groups, including Rap Prophets, one of the first rap groups to gain popularity in Zambia and feature on Sounds Good. Other groups associated with Chibangu include B-Sharp, Melt Down and Yesu Culture.