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Don Bonya releases two hot new singles ‘Envy’ & ‘Unchangeable’

Don Bonya

Don Bonya is back again with another new music release and this time it’s a two-in-one! Don Bonya is a talented musical performer who’s setting the bar high in terms of creating high-quality afrobeats combined with other influences like hip-hop and dancehall.

That dynamic is fully represented in the first of the two singles titled “Envy”, a solo effort that sees Don sing about the envy he’s experienced ever since he got into the music game.
On “Envy”, Don Bonya’s vocals are a perfect blend of melody and energy, creating a sense of electrifying energy and spontaneity that makes the song feel very genuine but also appealing on a much larger scale, as the Hip-Hop and Afrobeats fusion crafts a perfect backdrop for the artist’s message.

Part two of this dual offering of new music is titled “Unchangeable”, a collaborative effort featuring singer and label mate, Lapricaty and producer and rapper, Ball J.

“Unchangeable” is a testament of what this trio of talented artists are capable of and it shows their synergy and ability to allow multiple influences to converge in a whole new way. The drum beat has a distinctive, modern Hip-Hop influence, but at the same time the melodies bring an afro-inspired flavor to the mix that really spices things up in an awe-inciting way.

The electric Ball J production is powerful, energetic and full of passion, making it a perfect representation of today’s best Drill and Hip-Hop. “Unchangeable” is special because it combines powerful beats with a melodic layer, showcasing the catchy twist of the song and making it engaging for a broad audience. In addition to that, the vocals stand out because of the great articulation of the lyrical delivery, as well as the artists’ one-of-a-kind approach to combining rap flow and melodic singing in equal parts.

“Envy” and “Unchangeable” are available on all digital streaming platforms now!
Stream “Envy” here
Stream “Unchangeable” here