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DVK and Vikta Mirage Release New Track “Masten Wanjala” Featuring AndyBolo 

Kenyan artists DVK and Vikta Mirage have joined forces with AndyBolo to release the gripping new single “Masten Wanjala,” the closing track from their mixtape ‘Murder on Waiyaki Way’. The song, named after the infamous Kenyan serial killer, serves as a potent commentary on the challenges faced by artists in the Kenyan music industry, particularly addressing the issue of inadequate royalty payments distributed by Collective Management Organizations (CMOs).

“Masten Wanjala” stands out with its playful yet impactful bars, as DVK and Vikta Mirage trade verses with catchy flows and thought-provoking lyrics. AndyBolo’s contribution adds further depth to the track, making it a compelling listen that closes the mixtape with a hard-hitting dose of reality.

Stream “Masten Wanjala” now on all major music platforms:

About “Murder on Waiyaki Way”:

‘Murder on Waiyaki Way’ is a conceptual mixtape that revolves around the motif of Masten Wanjala, weaving a narrative that delves into social injustices and power struggles within Kenyan communities. Through their lyrical prowess and innovative sound, DVK and Vikta Mirage aim to spark conversations and inspire change.

About DVK:

Davy Kamanzi, known by his stage name DVK, is a multifaceted comedian and musician born in Kenya to Rwandese parents. DVK initially gained online fame in 2014 with his FIFA gameplay videos on YouTube. In 2019, he transitioned to comedic commentary on various topics and personalities, which further boosted his popularity. His musical journey began in 2020 after composing and performing songs for his videos, leading to the release of his debut EP, Not a Rapper, in January 2021. Alongside music, DVK has also ventured into stand-up comedy.

In November 2022, DVK released his debut studio album “Man of Substance”, showcasing a rich blend of afro and hip hop sounds and featuring collaborations with artists like Don Poppa, JESHI, and Thee MC G’zay. 2023 saw him team up with Kenyan producer and DJ RVMP for the single “Revamp the Substance”, and later release the multilingual single “SwaKinyaFranglais”. He continued to explore new creative avenues in 2024 with the Tekken-themed collaborative EP Savage Cossack with producer PR1EST.

About Vikta Mirage:

Stephen Otieno Mak, professionally known as Vikta Mirage and formerly GuyMoja, is a prominent rapper from Kenya. His career began with the group Masai Black Gold, where he honed his skills in rhyming and cyphering before releasing music as a solo artist. His discography includes the 2017 mixtape The Boi From Naikay, the 2018 MojaMoja EP, Vol. 1, and the 2020 drill project Luo Drill.

Vikta Mirage’s collaboration with DVK began with the track “Nairobi Tofauti” from Not a Rapper, continuing with “Not a Rapper, Pt. 2” from Man of Substance and “NO DISCIPLINE” from Savage Cossack. Their creative synergy culminates in their joint mixtape Murder on Waiyaki Way, with “Masten Wanjala” as its powerful finale.

Stream The Full Mixtape Below:



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