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François Marius Breathes New Life into ‘Rasta Dance’ With New Afro-pop rhythms & Melodies 

François Marius is out again with a new version “Rasta Dance.” This new version, known as the “Radio Edit,” introduces a vibrant Spanish guitar melody that infuses Afro-pop rhythms into the song and is also accompanied by a music video.

This piece was impeccably recorded at the renowned Abbey Road Studio and skillfully mastered by the Grammy-Awards winner, Simon Gibson.

“Rasta Dance (Radio Edit)” pays homage to the unity and positivity championed by the Rastafarian culture. Its infectious rhythm and groovy beats seamlessly blend to create a sound that grabs listeners from the very first note.  “Rasta Dance” embodies a message of love, peace, and understanding. It urges its audience to revel in the beauty of life, embrace the richness of diversity, and allow the rhythm to guide us toward a world marked by harmonious coexistence.

With “Rasta Dance (Radio Edit),” François Marius invites you on a melodious journey of unity and positivity. It’s an anthem for those who seek to celebrate life and promote a world of love and understanding.

Stream the song below:

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