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German Producer Fritz Heieck Launches New Dance-Pop Project Yellow Sky with Debut Single “Planet Paradise” 

Renowned German producer Fritz Heieck is proud to announce the launch of his latest musical venture, Yellow Sky, an open project dedicated to danceable pop music. With a rich background spanning jazz, classical, pop, and rock, Heieck brings a wealth of experience and versatility to this exciting new project.

The debut single, “Planet Paradise,” features the vocals of young German singer KATHRIN. This uptempo track is infused with optimism and positive vibes, setting the tone for Yellow Sky’s fresh and vibrant sound. “Planet Paradise” is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a taste of what’s to come from this innovative project.

Yellow Sky is not just a studio project; plans are already underway to release more new material throughout the year. In addition, Heieck is in the process of assembling a professional band to bring Yellow Sky’s music to live audiences. These performances promise to deliver the same energetic and positive experience that the recorded tracks offer, further establishing Yellow Sky as a dynamic presence in the dance-pop music scene.

Listen to “Planet Paradise” on all major streaming platforms

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