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Get Interactive With Uprising Afro-Fusion and Highlife, Arta Kwame 

Arta Kwame, an Afro-fusion artist from Ghana, is another musician to keep an eye on in this music scene. He is a native of the Kontenase – Ashanti Region (Lake Bosomtwe Road) and was born Ernest Nketiah to Selina Tawiah and Ernest Nketiah.

The young musician has been in the industry for a while, drawing inspiration and encouragement from his friends to create music that is renowned for Afro-Fusion and Highlife. He possesses a remarkable talent for fusing traditional African music with modern genres, and his work frequently displays a wide range of rhythms, melodies, and cultural influences, capturing the energy and vitality of African music history.

Arta Kwame Press
Arta Kwame Press

Using his music as an outlet to share his thoughts, feelings, and experiences, Arta frequently injects new ideas into the music industry, enthralling listeners with his inventive sound and intriguing storytelling. His meteoric rise has undoubtedly garnered them admiration from over the world, and they are quickly becoming one of the most promising young artists in the history of the music industry.

He plans to work with established and emerging artists from around the world, establish a solid portfolio, experiment with various media and styles, and set up shop in his home studio. His tremendous rise reflects the maturation of Afro-fusion and the global audience’s growing fondness for African music.

Arta intends to take advantage of internet channels to communicate with his followers, both new and old, grow their popularity, and promote his music on a global scale, taking advantage of the proliferation of digital platforms and social media.

One of his many featured and guest appearances is on King Paluta’s “Akohwie,” a song that also features Strongman. He is currently out with his new single “Replay (Agoro)”. Get it here

Get interactive with him on social media via Arta Kwame on all platforms.

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