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Ghana Plug Revamps Their News Website 

Entertainment News Portal Ghana Plug ( launched its revamped news website on Monday, April 11. The redesign is the first since its launch in November 2021 and “the biggest rethink of the design of the site since 2021,” according to its Founder Osafo Daniel.

The new site features social media sharing tools, personalization features, and more video and audio content. New features also include tools to share stories via social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and the ability to personalize the homepage to display news in Dark mode.


To cater to the increasing number of readers arriving directly on story pages, the new layout features the weekly top stories and features displayed across the site. Both the homepage and story pages are designed to give more prominence to new stories and the top headlines will be flagged with a ‘top’ badge.

According to the founder of Ghana Plug Osafo Daniel, the rebranding represents a new “global visual language” for the news website. “This is part of the ongoing process to make Ghana Plug one of the User-Friendly websites in Ghana.

About Ghana Plug

Ghana Plug is an urban news portal that provides Entertainment, music reviews, and trending stories in Ghana. Founded in November 2021, The Website seeks to inform and connect Ghana to other parts of the World.

The platform covers the most trending and significant topics with an emphasis on the local news to enrich Ghanaians’ everyday lives.

Ghana Plug ( has established itself as a trusted source of news and entertainment, with a growing community of over 50,000 passionate followers on social media. The platform serves as a hub for Ghanaians and enthusiasts of Ghanaian culture worldwide, offering engaging content that covers Music, fashion, arts, events, and more.

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