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Ghanaian-Filipino Sensation Anabel Rose Shatters Expectations with ‘Do Not Disturb’ 

Ghanaian-Filipino alternative pop singer Anabel Rose returns with her second single after her successful debut single, “Love Me or Die”.  With about 50,000 global streams, she made waves on international Spotify editorial playlists in Nigeria and the Philippines and urban radio in Ghana and Nigeria. The independent Afropop artist is set to make waves once again with her just-released second single, Do Not Disturb (DND). This is a genre-blending piece that promises to take listeners on a delightful sonic journey.

Do Not Disturb is a fusion of alternative R&B/pop, Bossa nova, trap, and highlife, a unique blend that defies genre boundaries. With its mesmerizing rhythms and Anabel Rose’s ethereal vocals, this song offers a fresh and eclectic take on a 20-something-year-old’s journey of liberation from societal pressures. It’s the perfect anthem for nights out with friends or intimate solo concerts in your bedroom, embodying the Gen-Z spirit of authenticity and self-expression.

Do Not Disturb cover
Do Not Disturb cover

“I felt bogged down by the expectations of what kind of music I should be making as a young woman in Ghana. With this song, I just needed to shut out the noise and make what felt true to me. It’s the definition of “never let them know your next move” ” the young artist explains. With the expertise of Ghanaian producer, Insvne Auggie (99PHACES), her vision was brought to life.

This marks Anabel Rose’s second release, and she continues to defy musical conventions while satisfying her own curiosity for genre exploration. Her commitment to creating music that breaks free from the norm is evident in Do Not Disturb, a track that refuses to be confined by any one style.

Do Not Disturb is available for streaming on all major music platforms here

About Anabel Rose

Anabel Rose is a young singer on a self-driven path of sonic exploration, reimagining the sounds of her formative years with the exciting genres and sounds that are taking over the listener-scape in West Africa.

The Ghanaian-Filipino singer/songwriter is on a lifelong journey with music, which began when she was handed a karaoke mic to sing into at 8 years old. Since then, her journey has been shaped by the influence of a melting pot of genres including indie-folk, r&b, classic rock, reggae, highlife, and hiplife. She looks up to artists who are unapologetic in their sound, fusing a range of genres to birth new and exciting sounds. This includes Amaarae, Somadina, WILLOW and Odunsi.

Contributing to the creative industry as a live performer, digital content creator, and creative director, Anabel Rose began developing her artist identity and sound in 2018 when she joined the Black Girls Glow music residency in Accra, Ghana. There, along with 5 other female artists, co-wrote, recorded, and co-produced a studio album – HERmony. Her passion for collaboration endures as a member of Ghanaian music collective 99PHACES – a group of young artists committed to working together and supporting each other through their musical journeys.

Her debut single, Love Me or Die introduced audiences to the singer’s desire for sound exploration, as well as her wide vocal range and lyrical finesse.

The budding songstress creates music to escape the restrictions of a world that dictates what people can and cannot do; Anabel Rose creates beyond boundaries.

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