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Hannah V, Flash Ikumkani, and CTT Beats Out With A 2023 Feel-Good Hit, “Undithwele”. 

‘Undithwele’ is a beautiful release from the impressive cross-continent combination of Hannah V, Flash Ikumkani, and CTT Beats. Combining cultures and languages in a unique style this looks like a hit feelgood record for 2023. Hannah V brings amazing musical experience after time touring with ‘Rhianna’, ‘And Jason Derulo’ to name a few and after a full-time switch to her production she has had gold-certified Album work, most recently with ‘JP Cooper’. She has been nominated for the Music Producers Guild award twice and the South African market is benefiting from her desire to spend time here and develop artists and build stars as she has in the UK.

‘Flash Ikumkani’ and ‘CTT Beats’ have collaborated before on Hits ‘Heatwave’ and recently ‘Deposit’ both having success in the Spotify and Apple Music Editorial Charts and Playlists. Adding ‘Hannah V’ to the mix was the icing on the case. The song has elements of Hip Hop, Afro Soul, and Gospel so we feel appeals to a wide commercial audience. Hannah V immediately penned this track as the hit of her first exploratory trip to SA in June 2023. She has since returned to South Africa excited by the potential the market has on the global stage.

The song has already received acclaim both in the UK and South Africa from the early listeners and we look forward to the industry feedback on the song and the collaboration with the UK & SA markets and exploring other opportunities. The single has a striking music video shot in a stunning cathedral in the Mother City of Cape Town with some interesting industry cameos again rubberstamping the excitement for this release.

Mark Insley of CTT Beats says ‘ The work and standard of production that Hannah V is bringing to the South African market is admirable. With her recent viral series ‘Hooks by Hannah’ also hitting 10 million views and comments from countless US celebrities she is getting the recognition for the work she fully deserves and the releases we have penned with Hannah are some of our most exciting work in 2023 and leading into 2024′.

Watch the video for “Undithwele” below:


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