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Jah Ziek Unveils New Video for “Just Share Love” from Latest EP “KEIZ” 

Jah Ziek is thrilled to announce the release of his brand new video for the track “Just Share Love,” just one month after unveiling his EP “KEIZ”. The video is available now on YouTube, bringing a visual dimension to the powerful message of the song.

“Just Share Love” embodies Jah Ziek’s unique blend of positivity and resilience, delivering a message to his adversaries that he will meet their hatred with love. The track also delves into the universal problems humanity faces daily, advocating for a shift from individualism towards a more collective, compassionate approach to solving these challenges.

The video complements the track’s themes with vibrant visuals that capture Jah Ziek’s dynamic presence and the essence of his dancehall universe. It’s a powerful reminder that love can indeed conquer hate, and it encourages viewers to reflect on their own perspectives and actions.

This track is part of his latest EP “KEIZ”, a project that showcases Jah Ziek’s talents not just as a performer but also as a composer, author, and producer. The EP features six explosive tracks, with Jah Ziek collaborating with three exceptional artists on half of them, further enriching the musical experience.

“KEIZ” is a testament to Jah Ziek’s creative vision and dedication to his craft. It’s a project he proudly presents and is eager to bring to life through his live performances.

“Just Share Love” is now available on all major streaming


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