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Jeazzy Releases An Energetic Amapiano Anthem Titled “PAWA” 

French singer-songwriter Jeazzy, known as the self-proclaimed Bad Boi, introduces his latest electrifying Amapiano song: “PAWA.” Hailing from Guadeloupe, Jeazzy’s distinct voice and eclectic style draw inspiration from artists like Josman, Meryl, and Kalash, blending vocals, rap, and slam to create captivating toplines. His music delves into diverse themes, reflecting his authentic experiences in France, presented in French, English, and Kreyol.

“PAWA,” Jeazzy’s newest single, narrates a simple yet vibrant tale of someone embracing the nightlife. Inspired after a memorable evening at the club, Jeazzy crafted this Amapiano song to evoke an ambient atmosphere, aiming to infuse listeners with an irresistible urge to move.

Taking pride in co-composing the instrumental and overseeing the song’s mixing process, Jeazzy infused “PAWA” with percussive elements, claps, and growls to enhance its energetic essence. The track features verses delivered in both French and Creole, with a tribute to Jacob Desvarieux (†), the lead singer of the iconic West Indian group Kassav, incorporated at the beginning. Additionally, listeners can catch glimpses of Sheck Wes’s “Mo Bamba” adlibs at the onset of each pre-chorus. However, the undeniable centerpiece of the track remains its infectious chorus: “PAWA.”

Navigating the challenge of preserving the authenticity of Amapiano while infusing his signature style, Jeazzy aimed to create an unforgettable musical experience with “PAWA,” ensuring the track stands out while remaining true to its roots.

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