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John Cena was inspired by heartbreak – Sho Madjozi 

Speaking to one of Channel24’s team, the singer talked about the many dancers to the song that they are “generally just dancing to my pain”

“I don’t think a lot of people noticed this, but I really make a lot of heartbreak Gqom,” she says, explaining that John Cena is about “this boy who doesn’t see me” so, “maybe I’m John Cena.”

However, Sho is excited with how fast the song was able to go across the globe to be a hit, even before the official release of the song.

“It’s amazing when your stuff catches on organically, cause that also gives you hope in general about music, and that maybe there is some truth in the fact that if you make good music, then that’s enough.”

The Huku hitmaker revealed on social media that John Cena will be on music stores starting from the 27th of September and also told fans to expect a music video.

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