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Juma Mufasa set to release his debut single of the year 

Juma Mufasa is set to release his first single of the year with the title BBBB which features Kwesi Soul and Papa Atey. Ever had a vivid thought on how exactly you want to ball with your squad after a tough day at work? Grinding for that Mula? Well, we want the finer things; Big Booty B*tches that are bad enough to bounce when they ought to! Big cars with high wheels that are an eye saw on the road for we love the mountains.

And you know, the road to these hills is rough just like how we were raised. BBBB is a reflection of the synergy between Juma Mufasa, Kwesi Soul & Papa Atey. Starting off as kids chasing adult problems is what got us here.

Juma Mufasa is a singer/songwriter, producer, actor, and all-around creative from Accra, Ghana. Juma took art and music seriously from high school throughout his university days. In 2021, he put out his debut project “Children of The Sun ” which has garnered him some recognition amongst a niche of music lovers in Ghana. He subsequently put out the deluxe edition of this in 2022.

Juma Mufasa is a versatile artist with a distinctive style that cuts across every genre making it impossible to fix him into a single box. His sound incorporates mostly indigenous folk music in his art and he is known for his stylish penmanship and sultry voice.

pre-save Big Booty B*tches

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