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Kakra Jay shares visuals for new song ‘Crush on You’ starring Asantewaa and Cassious 

Kakra Jay makes a catchy entrance into the year with the inviting visuals of his latest love song, ‘Crush on You.’

Directed by DushieFrames, this exciting release stars Asantewaa and Cassious in an amusing narrative that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

The experience of having a crush is universal, and if you have ever bumped into yours, Kakra Jay’s new video is for you. Its engaging premise offers a wishful insight into the singer’s admiration for his social media crush (played by Asantewaa) on the job as a receptionist with his colleague (played by Sani Enchill) at the Rose Tree International Hotel.

Kakra Jay
Kakra Jay

Through the ensuing vibrant scenes, Kakra Jay daydreams about being noticed by his crush despite the rude presence of her boyfriend (played by Cassious).

He sings about his feelings throughout the song, seemingly connecting with her in his dream world. Despite a few awkward moments—which are whimsical, he perseveres before ultimately catching up to the reality of the situation.

Aside from the entertainment on-screen, ‘Crush on You’ is your typical Kakra Jay tune. It is lively and has a mesmerizing quality to it. The Drumsticks-produced song reminds us that, despite his prolonged absence from music, the ‘Sexual Healing’ star is still with us.

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