Kkeda teases her forthcoming project with new release ‘Blue Jeans’

Kkeda has our ears perked once more with the new song ‘Blue Jeans’. ‘Blue Jean’s is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here:onerpm.lnk.to/KKEDA-BlueJeans

If ‘Hopeless Place’ wasn’t decisive in selling you her brilliance, ‘Blue Jeans’ will! Beyond its enticing vocal expression – which we find absolutely incredible by the way – Kkeda’s lyrics and their varying intonations are what will resonate with listeners the most this time around.

‘Blue Jeans’ is an all-out R&B song overflowing with passion. It presents the singer as one who has a difficult time recovering from a love that’s lost, mostly because she holds on to a relic of this past:

‘’I kept your blue jeans in my closet, ‘cause I don’t want to forget you’’.
‘’Lots of people struggle to move from a relationship gone bad’’, Kkeda shares with us. ‘’That’s because they long for an emotional and physical connection (the positive kind) that simply isn’t there anymore and in their eyes, clinging to old memories is the only way they can experience it. ‘Blue Jeans’ is for anyone who is finding it difficult to face the world without a lover they can’t seem to get over’’. ‘’This song is a favorite and must listen! Also, there are lots of songs on the way too and ‘Blue Jeans’ is just the tip of it all’’.

Produced by Shadvw, Kkeda’s new release is a gentle, yet heart-rending reminder of what it feels like to overcome a breakup, and the song to keep on rotation as the countdown to the singer’s untitled project begins.

Stream “Blue Jeans” Below:

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