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Lagos Rising Star Olahiman Shares Debut EP “Truth In Melodies” 

Emerging Afro-Fusion artiste Olahiman (real name Olanipekun Abiola Isaiah) from the city of Lagos, Nigeria releases his debut project “Truth In Melodies” EP

Olahiman work of Art “Truth in Melodies” considers the notion of truth in connection with music. When a person speaks the truth, more is demanded than that the spoken words be true.

Olahiman Truth In Melodies
Olahiman Truth In Melodies

They must also carry the ring of truth. Because, sometimes the truth only feels true when we can hear the sound of it. This album incorporates a range of moods and themes which embodied around with different sounds but with Afro fused in it. This shows how music can be an expressive of emotions.

Expressive Music is an epistemically valuable which is a source of the kind knowledge that is related to our emotional inner states.

Olahiman conveyed “The Truth in Melodies” with the various tracks in the Album like BE HAPPY, AREA, ILEKE, RUNNING and TWO WOMEN which denote the “Truth” in his Art.

“Truth In Melodies” is out now on all platforms here

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