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LENny (IT) Creates Buzz with New Afro House EP “All Night Long” 

Renowned Italian DJ and producer LENny (IT) is making waves in the music scene with his latest EP, “All Night Long.” This collection features two tracks that promise to take listeners on a unique musical journey, blending Afro-House elements with infectious rhythms and soulful melodies.

The EP kicks off with “DNT Let Me Fly Away,” a track that opens with a powerful melody, setting the tone for the entire collection. The fusion of Afro-House elements and rhythmic beats creates a mesmerizing listening experience. The soulful vocals add an extra layer of depth, transporting listeners to a state of pure bliss.

The second track, “All Night Long,” continues to explore the Afro House vibe but takes a slightly different approach. The production is crisp and intricate, showcasing LENny’s creativity and meticulous attention to detail. This song is tailor-made for the club scene, with its infectious energy and rhythmic beats guaranteed to get people moving.

LENny’s “All Night Long” EP is a masterful blend of Afro House with other musical genres, creating a sound that is both fresh and unique. His ability to fuse different cultures and sounds is truly impressive, and this EP stands as a testament to his talent and musical prowess.


  1. DNT Let Me Fly Away – A powerful melody with Afro-House elements and soulful vocals, creating a blissful listening experience.
  2. All Night Long – Crisp and intricate production with infectious energy, perfect for the club scene.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Afro House or simply appreciate good music, “All Night Long” is a must-listen. LENny’s ability to create such a dynamic and engaging EP highlights his place as a significant force in the global music scene.

“All Night Long” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Stream Below:

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