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Maxzy unveils stunning visuals for new single ‘Dealer’


Maxzy is back with new music. He and producer, Kantiqles team up to tap into a universally understood feeling. The catchy track, titled ‘Dealer,’ premieres with a flashy video shot by Babs Direction.

‘Dealer’ delves into the intoxicating nature of love and is tied to a melody that will get you hooked. Maxzy likens this sweet feeling to an unshakable addiction. He expertly reels in listeners with his unique voice, teetering the line between emotional distress and obsession.


“Kantiqles and I put this together during a session of ours,” he shares. “We talked about how addictive love can be for men and how that feeling could lead to emotional instability–being toxic. The conclusion was we all have the potential to get that way. I put mine into some verses and ‘Dealer’ was a thing. Everyone needs love, so I hope the fans rock with this.”

The clip stars Maxzy as the titular ‘Dealer,’ with a video vixen to keep things intriguing. Babs Direction delivers a true spectacle. Each shot feels dynamic, leaning into a garish aesthetic that is visually enticing. From the sleek interior of a red 1993 BMW M5 Sedan to a mesmerizing wall of flame, the video is as classy as Maxzy’s sound.

‘Dealer’ is another subtle reminder of what Maxzy can do and is poised to break into countless playlists due to its relatability. It’s an experience that does well to express the inexpressible. What’s the story behind an addictive love of yours? Let’s hear it on social media.

While you’re at it, listen to ‘Dealer’ here