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Mega EJ’s debut EP ‘’Blood & Daisies’’ is a tuneful experience worth having 

Ghanaian Afro-fusion artist, Mega EJ finally hands us his debut EP ‘’Blood & Daisies’’ and it’s certainly one of our favorites to recommend this week and beyond. ‘’Blood & Daisies’’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here:

After releasing three singles to accommodate his engrossing style and our budding interests, Mega EJ might’ve not hit the higher notes of excellence yet. But with a music parcel consisting of 6 items; 4 new songs, a standout single from last year and an African narrative that helps give context to all the above through a skit, Mega EJ’s rise to a brow-raising crescendo is very much underway.

‘’Blood & Daisies’’ books two features from artists, Ebony Joseph and Morahl, next to its only skit – ‘Ebz Skit 1’ – which features the former and lets listeners in on the EP’s etymology: ‘’the common beauty, the strength, the love, the wit, the struggle that my people share’’. Beyond these tidbits, a flux of sweetened lyrics and melodies are present to help ferry Mega EJ’s mesmerizing vocals with good ease.

Aside from the pre-released ‘Raw’ – the only song of the bunch to get a music video – ‘Good Vibrations’ is one of the EP’s highlights. ‘’I just dey wan enjoy my life, jeje. No wahala’’, Mega EJ smoothly croons, before the likes of ‘Bloody Mess’ (Life) and ‘Rest’ whirl listeners into a romantic setting akin to that of the aforementioned ‘Raw’. ‘Monika’ (feat. Morahl) stands out as the project’s most introspective and has enough charm to possibly become the EP’s favorite song.

‘’Working to perfect this EP was truly an emotional journey for me. I stuck with my instincts when I began writing like I always do’’, Mega EJ recalls. ‘’But halfway through it, I began to realize a common theme: my deep connection to Africa and the importance of its narrative being at the forefront of whatever I do’’.

With a debut project now crossed off his to-do list, Mega EJ’s next challenge will be to prove his staying power. But till then, ‘’Blood & Daisies’’ is ready to deploy his sweet-sounding style to the masses. Enjoy!



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