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Mihlali sparks rumours that she’s dating F1 driver Lewis Hamilton 

Social media influencer, Mihlali Ndamase, is often getting attention on social media – it’s what she gets paid to do.This time, it may be a little different – the internet celeb got people talking about her love life, noticed.Mihlali uploaded a photo of herself in a bathtub and then credited the snap to Lewis Hamilton. Yes, the very famous Formula One driver.It didn’t take long for social media users to start gossiping and wondering if the two are a couple. The photo is, after all, of an intimate nature.(We can’t show you everything, check out Mihlali’s Instagram page for that juice.)Earlier, People Magazine reported that Mihlali jetted off to Singapore for the Grand Prix. It was a fishy move because she doesn’t normally attend the sport’s events.As if all of these little hints weren’t enough, Mihlali also added a snap of Lewis to one of her Instagram Stories with the caption:

“You did the best you could babe. Super proud of you. A winner in my eye.”Sadly, Mihlali got hella negative vibes from peeps who we think are just jealous. However, many tweeps are proud of her and think it’s awesome that she may be dating the hunky racer.

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