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MTV Base Releases Top 10 Hottest MC’s 2020 New Wave 

MTV Base Releases Top 10 Hottest MC’s 2020 New Wave #BaseHottestMCs, Fans React. MTV Base has dropped its first list for 2020 listing the Top 10 hottest Mc’s on a 2020 new wave. As expected it caused a lot of controversy.

The list consists of the rappers who are riding the new wave in SA hip hop, rappers who got into the game and turned it around with their new styles and vibes. It may have been a list that caused debates but it had all the names one would seem worthy and deserving to be in it.

Counted were the likes of 25K, Touchline, Flame,The Big Hash, Focalistic, De koala, Coasta Stitch, Lucas Raps, Willy Cardiac and Patrixlee – not in particular order. The list is also an annual release with a panel that decides based on the impact an artist has had and how well their music performed on market. But even with all these put to considerations fans feel the list isn’t an order it should be.

see the list below

  1. The Big Hash
  2. Flame
  3. Focalistic
  4. Touchline
  5. Lucas raps
  6. willy cardiac
  7. Patrickxxle
  8. Dee koala
  9. 25k
  10. costa titch

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