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MUVUNYI Releases New Single Titled “More Love” 

Rising artist MUVUNYI is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “More Love.” This infectious Afrobeats track encapsulates a profound yearning for greater love and understanding, inviting listeners on an emotive voyage through lively guitar solos and a pulsating bass rhythm.

In “More Love,” MUVUNYI endeavors to share his personal journey and convey a message of hope and solidarity. With occasional urges to postpone challenges and seek refuge from the struggles of everyday life in pursuit of joy, MUVUNYI contemplates whether anyone can genuinely comprehend him in those moments.

This introspective exploration of thoughts and emotions is brought to life through melodies that incite both dance and introspection. Through “More Love,” MUVUNYI invites listeners to accompany him on an odyssey of self-discovery and connection, harnessing the profound influence of music to convey his message.

“More Love” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Stream Here:

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