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Newly Launched Record label Futura Recording plans to become an “artist-first” record label 

Music entrepreneurs Jonah Chukwu Orji and Chibuzo Madubuko on the 2nd of March announced the launch of Futura Recordings, an artist-first record label based in Lagos, Nigeria. focused on “breaking extraordinary talent and building artist careers through innovative A&R, branding and marketing strategy,” According to both partners, the label has been established with the aim of developing new and existing talents from Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan countries, and subsequently transforming them into future global superstars.

“Futura Recordings will serve artists at the highest level as an “artist first company,” and transform them into future global superstars. The recently-launched Record label hopes to partner with artists by offering tailor-made deals which fit the talent’s hopes and aspirations.

Speaking about the sort of record deals Futura Recordings would be offering” Jonah Chukwu Orji shares. At Futura we are trying to change the game on how record deals are negotiated. We are aiming to create a new ideology on how the ideal music industry should be. That is the reason why my partner Chibuzo and I are combining our expertise into achieving this mission and we can’t wait to break out new artists into the mainstream while simultaneously enhancing the careers of established acts”

Futura Recordings will not only engage artists based on their already existing numbers, it all boils down to the artists and how they fit into what we’re trying to achieve here at Futura. Their potential also matters a lot. An artist may not have massive numbers presently but has a lot of potential and all he/she needs is visibility or better placements, or even structure. We can engage with such artists. An artist could also be brand new and we will engage them; he/she could be an underground artist who has been in the game for a year or two and is not popping – that factor will not be a deterrent for us not to engage with them. Basically, what I’m saying is that as long as an artist fits into what we’re trying to achieve and they have the potential, Futura is willing to engage with them.

Every record deal we present will be customized to the individual recording artist’s needs. We don’t believe in the one-deal-applies-to-all approach and I have no doubt that Futura Recordings will be a unique and exciting new home for artists to build their audiences.” Chibuzo Madubuko says.
Futura Recordings plans to keep its roster very small so that full focus and effort can be put into every project.
Presently, Futura Recordings already has a roster of qualified, innovative, and energetic staff that have been selected by experience to carry out its operations. These staff members have honed their skills in the areas of project production, content creation, artist & repertoire, digital marketing, and PR. These individuals possess the relevant skill and experience in the production and marketing of specified projects. Imperatively, this assemblage is poised to utilize its combined skills to ensure the growth and profitability of Futura Recordings and the artists it represents.

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