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No Good Therapy Drops Infectious New Single “Chupale Buey”

Seattle-based hip-hop group No Good Therapy is back with their latest single, “Chupale Buey,” marking a fresh chapter in their musical journey. Comprising Beezie 2000 on beats and Sr. Ramos on the microphone, the duo infuses their signature style with infectious energy and vibrant storytelling.

“Chupale Buey” emerged from a spontaneous moment of inspiration, born on a Sunday morning after a weekend of revelry. As the group recounts, the song’s genesis lies in a humorous encounter with their friend Lil Timmy Tim, who appeared with beer at 10 am, sparking a creative burst that lasted three days.

Initially conceived as a lighthearted expression of their weekend antics, “Chupale Buey” quickly evolved into something more profound, introducing a new musical style the duo affectionately dubs “BANDAMETALS.” While the lyrics may have begun as mere banter, the track now stands as a testament to No Good Therapy’s ability to infuse fun and spontaneity into their music.

The release of “Chupale Buey” sets the stage for No Good Therapy’s forthcoming album, slated for release this summer. Fans can expect a vibrant blend of hip-hop, humor, and infectious beats as the duo continues to push creative boundaries and redefine the Seattle music scene.

Stay tuned for more updates from No Good Therapy as they continue to entertain audiences with their dynamic sound and infectious energy.

Stream “Chupale Buey” Below: