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Paapa Versa Unveils ‘Brand New’ to Kickstart an Electrifying 2024

Paapa Versa

After serving fans with the Versa Villa album in 2023, Paapa Versa returns to the music scene with “Brand New.” The chill and optimistic track, released on January 5, marks the first single from his “24 Songs in 2024” project. This will see the Ghanaian Afro-Soul artist release a song every two weeks.

The self-produced and written song came to Paapa Versa when he was trying to figure out his next step in life. In his words, “I was feeling crippled by mistakes from the past, but a breakthrough conversation with a loved one gave me the spark to start a new chapter in my life.” “Brand New” touches on themes such as new beginnings, optimism, and hope in the people and passions in one’s life.

Paapa Versa-Brand New
Paapa Versa-Brand New

Paapa Versa’s artistry shines in “Brand New,” which blends soul with retro and highlife vibes. “I wrote and scrapped three songs while trying to find the right sound and vibe to start off my 2024 challenge,” he revealed. After days of hopelessness, Paapa constantly reminded himself that he needed a “brand new song” with a “brand new feeling.” That marked the start of the song’s lyrics. “Once it clicked, I wrote, produced, and recorded the whole song myself in two days,” he added.

“Brand New” is the first of the 24 songs Paapa Versa will release in 2024. In a video message, the artist asked for topics for his upcoming releases and received suggestions from fans and artists, including Koo Kusi, Worlasi, and Carter Ace. 

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Watch his video message here.