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Paradise Worldwide and SAMPRA launch Building Bridges Internship Programme as young music professionals arrive in Berlin

Paradise Worldwide and SAMPRA

Paradise Worldwide and South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA) join hands to promote cross-continental understanding and connection through the Building Bridges Internship Programme.

The programme offers young South African professionals a unique opportunity to gain international experience and cultural awareness by spending three months in Berlin, Germany.

Interns Arriving in Berlin:

During their three-month stay in Berlin, the interns will receive training in various aspects of the music industry, including publishing, label management, distribution, and event planning. They will also work alongside African and German team members to develop a comprehensive knowledge base for future expansion.

Paradise Worldwide is renowned for its expertise in music rights, collection, and protection, which will be emphasized in the training programme. SAMPRA, on the other hand, is committed to advancing the South African music industry through collective management and licensing of music rights.

The programme aims to provide interns with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that they can apply in their future careers. It also offers them the opportunity to build an international network and gain experience working in a different business culture.

Paradise Worldwide and SAMPRA

We believe that internships are a pivotal moment in the lives of many individuals, as they are often the first exposure to a professional working environment and all its key elements,” said a spokesperson for Paradise Worldwide and SAMPRA. “We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to Martha, Rhema, and Sharon, and we look forward to seeing them grow and succeed in the music industry.


Upon their return to South Africa, the interns will continue to gain experience and apply their newly acquired skills in SA offices.

Paradise Worldwide and SAMPRA share a common goal of promoting global understanding and cooperation through cultural exchange programs. This partnership aims to provide young professionals with the opportunity to develop their skills, gain new perspectives, and build connections that will benefit them in their future careers.

The Building Bridges Internship Programme is a testament to the commitment of Paradise Worldwide and SAMPRA to fostering cross-continental understanding and connection capital, work experience, and global recognition of music rights and technology.

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