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Seedné’s “Don’t Know” Embraces Afrobeat Mastery. 

Embark on a rhythmic journey with Seedné’s captivating Afrobeat vibe in “Don’t Know.” The song exudes a cool, laid-back atmosphere fused with an infectious groove that’s irresistibly catchy. Seedné’s entry, marked by his soothing voice, perfectly sets the tone.

One remarkable feature is the seamless transition between English and French, adding depth and uniqueness to the music. This multilingual aspect, coupled with a catchy hook, ties the entire composition together, creating a musical gem.

Beyond rhythms and melodies, “Don’t Know” carries a compelling narrative, resonating deeply with Afrobeat listeners. The production quality is a standout, with crisp and clear elements contributing to the overall excellence of the song.

Immerse yourself in the Afrobeat mastery and multilingual brilliance of “Don’t Know” by Seedné, stream the song below:


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