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Serum-K and MTZx Unleash Dynamic Fusion in Latest Single “Australopitek” 

Embark on a musical journey that transcends genres as Serum-K, the mastermind behind the intoxicating fusion of dub reggae-ragga and power-rock, presents their latest release, “Australopitek,” featuring MTZx.

“Australopitek” is a hypnotic blend of French hip-hop and Dub, seamlessly combining the artistic realms of Serum-K and the vocal prowess of MTZx. This collaboration results in an explosive single that captivates listeners with its socially conscious lyrics and thought-provoking reflection on the evolution of humanity in the face of technological revolutions.

The unreleased single takes you on a sonic adventure where the captivating refrains delivered by MTZx harmonize with Serum-K’s unique fusion of dub reggae-ragga and power rock. The singer’s socially charged verses paint a vivid picture of our current society, delving into the impact of technological advancements on the human experience.

What sets “Australopitek” apart is the enchanting rock imprint carried by “robot singer”, creating a fascinating contrast with the darker atmospheres of the dub verses. The addition of the theremin on the musical bridge adds an extra layer to Serum-K’s quirky scientific universe, transporting listeners into a realm where music becomes a medium for profound expression.

In a clear message for the technological future, Serum-K and MTZx declare, ‘No flying cars, just bike lanes, and respect!’ This unique musical experience is not to be missed, offering a fresh perspective on the fusion of genres and a powerful commentary on the world we inhabit.

As “Australopitek” resonates through the airwaves, Serum-K invites music enthusiasts to embrace the unconventional, break down genre barriers, and join the movement toward a sonic revolution. Immerse yourself in the collaboration of Serum-K and MTZx, and experience a musical journey that challenges, inspires, and pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.

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