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Serum-K Presents “KoKtail”, A Fusion of Dub, Hip-Hop, and Latin Rhythms 

Serum-K unveils a new single titled”KoKtail,” a delightful fusion of dub and hip-hop vocals entwined with Latin rhythms and a fiery atmosphere on the choruses.

“KoKtail” is a musical concoction that skillfully blends various elements to create a unique auditory experience. The verses feature hip-hop vocals seamlessly integrated with dub influences, while the choruses ignite a fiery atmosphere enriched by a zouk rhythm and electrifying guitar accompaniment. T

Best enjoyed with a splash of heat and plenty of bubbles, “KoKtail” is a versatile track that suits any time of day or night. To fully absorb its essence, listeners are encouraged to shake their Kobaye during the choruses energetically, allowing the music to steep more tranquility during the verses.

Serum-K’s album, “KantiK MeKaniK,” released physically in September 2023, serves as the perfect vessel for the Reggae Dub Rock alchemy that defines their musical prowess. The singles from the album are gradually making their way to all digital platforms, promising an immersive dance experience transcending genres.

Embrace the eclectic sounds of Serum-K as they continue to push the boundaries of musical fusion. “KoKtail” is a testament to their innovative approach, get ready to dance and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Serum-K. Stream KoKtail Below:

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