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Shadrach SBS Uplifts Spirits with Inspirational Gospel Single “Story” 

Nigerian Gospel artist, Shadrach SBS, unveils his latest single, “Story,” a soul-stirring composition that addresses the contemporary challenges faced by individuals seeking support and solace in a world that can often seem unforgiving. This new track serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging listeners to persevere through life’s hardships.

Samaila Bilat Shadrach, popularly known as Shadrach SBS, brings years of musical experience to the forefront, with a career that officially began in 2020 with the release of albums like “Notes,” “SOMI,” and “Concept.” His dedication to the Gospel genre reflects in the heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies that define his unique musical style.

Shadrach SBS’s composition aims to inspire resilience, assuring those facing difficulties that perseverance, faith, and trust in God will ultimately bring blessings. The single “Story” is a testament to Shadrach SBS’s commitment to using his musical talent as a force for good, spreading messages of hope, faith, and resilience.

The song is available on major streaming platforms now! Stream Below:

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