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South African Producer Moëtt Releases Highly Anticipated Mixtape “BANDITS VOL 2” 

Moëtt, renowned for his contributions to popular tracks like “Gangsters With Standards EP,” “Quick Fix,” and “Homicide,” is set to conclude the year with the release of “BANDITS VOL 2.”

This 10-track mixtape features collaborations with emerging talents such as Scumie, KASHCPT, KindlyNxsh, Kiddo CSA, Horid The Messiah, Sixiazi, Taura Montana, Ficz, Fresh Ty, Skolleywood, Bleachrs, and Mo$hpit Cindy. As the executive producer alongside Ike, Moëtt presents a diverse musical journey, blending trap, sonics, and R&B in “BANDITS VOL 2.”


The highly anticipated sequel to “Bandits Vol 1,” released three years ago, promises a well-rounded experience for listeners, accompanied by visuals for an immersive multimedia experience. Moëtt’s multifaceted talent shines in “BANDITS VOL 2,” not only as a producer but also contributing to the project with backup vocals and writing. The mixtape will be available on all streaming platforms, inviting global audiences to immerse themselves in the latest sonic offerings from this rising star.

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