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‘Superhero’ by E.L becomes the most streamed Ghanaian Hip-Hop song on Spotify

V.O. Nation frontman, E.L breaks Spotify’s streaming record for Ghanaian musicians today, clocking over 20,000,000+ streams for a song from years back that bizarrely flew under the radar to now become by far the highest streamed Ghanaian Hip-Hop song to date.

Ask Ghanaian Hip-Hop heads of their favorites rapper’s stunning ‘’BAR 2’’ mixtape (2015) and ‘Superhero’ seems almost non-existent. That’s how well it managed to elude many who may have not even known where to find it.

Of course, it’s easy to get picky when having to choose from 20 songs, but ‘Superhero’ was clearly one of the project’s underdogs. It just wasn’t attuned to Ghanaian music tastes at the time or so we thought?

‘’I’m really grateful to every fan out there who put in the time to get the figures this big, especially the international ones because ‘Superhero’ was not a song most Ghanaians latched on to or even heard’’, E.L shared.

‘’This just goes to show that good material always gets recognized eventually, I want artists here to see this and be encouraged to focus on putting out good material, staying original, and focus not only on the hype aspect, the hype dies down but quality lives longer. Having said that, I want fans to be on the lookout for my next project which will be announced soon’’, he added.

Today, thanks to the streaming era, it’s safe to say ‘Superhero’ grew a cult following of its own in Ghana and beyond, and despite no radio airplay, it gained steady momentum in the background of affairs to hand E.L this industry-leading milestone.

Listen to ‘Superhero’ by E.L below:

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