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Swiss-based Trio JAS CRW Outdoor Afro-Urban EP “Greetings From”

JAS CRW’s long-awaited EP, “Greetings From” is ready for the next heatwave. A contemporary and personal twist on their Afro-Urban style, the trio have created a journey through the six tracks that fuse reggae, hip hop and RnB into a smooth set of lyrical and rhythmic perfection.

The EP tells a story about the roots of all three members of JAS CRW, with influences from Africa, Jamaica and the United Kingdom. These tracks feature collaborations with a range of artists with connections to JAS CRW, such as Jamie Rodigan, Dotman, RTKL & MDR Tilla, MEEK, Naomi Cowan and Ivory. The title, “Greetings From” is dedicated to the multicultural roots of JAS CRW, greeting you with sounds that are layered with much more meaning than your typical summer EP.

The EP opens with Report, a track that spent over six months on a hard drive before being sent to Jamie Rodigan who added the final shine. The track talks about the troubles and thoughts that come with loneliness, it’s mellow and hard with a freshness to it.

Watch newly released “Report” music video below:

Type of Way is hot and steamy. Produced by Ketelby James in collaboration with MEEK, and featuring the Nigerian artist Dotman, the afro influenced beat matches perfectly with the romantic and sensual tone. Like Whoa, is seductive and smooth with an almost melancholic tone. It was a spontaneous creation in one sitting, with an upbeat rhythm enriched by the deep mysterious vocals.

Don Know has its roots firmly set in the British city of Birmingham, from Digbeth World in 2019. Made with “distant cousins”, collaborators and party instigators RTKAL and MDR Tilla in the middle of a wavy smoked out listening session, recorded by Moshino, with lyrical madness and fusing chemistry.

German producer MEEK’s instrumental became the backdrop, with elements of grime and trap. In contrast, Honey is dreamy and sensual. The dancehall infused track features a glistening vocal from Naomi Cowan, the sound, vibe and title go hand in hand, leaving a sweet taste that makes you want to put it on loop.

The EP finishes with a bang. For The People We Love, is a melodic funk-infused rap, with a timeless feel taking you on a fresh and futuristic ride. The trap-influenced beats and female vocals by the young talented Ivory create a very specific and unique sound.

JAS CRW’s Greetings From, takes you to several places at once and underlines the importance and beauty of the influences that inspire their style.


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