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The Cabin Bros Lewi Ercoll & Ukhona Release a 2 Pack Playlist Titled Cabin 001 

Following the successes of their first singles of the year “ INKOMOZAM” (Ukhona) and “DIED A THOUSAND TIMES” (Lewi Ercoll), the two creatives join forces in compiling a 2pack playlist titled “CABIN 001” with songs “BLEED” and “SAVE ME”, alongside co-collaborators; Al Xapo, Mercury as features on the singles, Iluvsweedy and Akirasdemise as producers. Together they call themselves THE CABIN BROS

CABIN 001 is a 2pack playlist by Lewi Ercoll and Ukhona, further adding more singles to discographies. SAVE ME, featuring co-collaborator “Mercury”, produced by “Al Xapo” is the first single on the playlist, a very calm and remedial composition talking about depression and suicide, followed by the second single BLEED talking about heartbreak and how it left our CABIN BROS bleeding, featuring co-collaborator “Al Xapo”, produced by talented producers Iluvsweedy and Akirasdemise, a very dark upbeat hip-hop composition with sonic recordings that make it very atmospheric and climatic.

The official cover art of the playlist is two images of both the creatives in both images in a polaroid-edited placement with a white backdrop in one frame that enhances the attention of the images.

The 2pack playlist is officially OUT EVERYWHERE.

You can Download and stream CABIN 001

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