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Video: It’s The Perfect Ride Or Die Situation For Kimilist and Abbla Unique In “Peng Ting” 

Fast-growing Ghanaian musician Mimlife Records signed act  Kimilist, has just released his latest single, “Peng Tin,” featuring the talented female singer Abbla Unique. This captivating track is the perfect introduction to Kimilist’s highly anticipated “Bad Boy Diaries” EP, showcasing his smooth, yet toxic persona as a ladies’ man.

“Peng Tin” weaves a tale of two young, wild lovers immersed in a no-strings-attached relationship, driven by their deep affection and sensual desires for one another. Kimilist’s calm, yet slick-talking lyrics combined with Abbla Unique’s sweet vocals create a type of chemistry that sets the stage for what fans can expect from the upcoming EP.

As the opening track of “Bad Boy Diaries,” “Peng Tin” not only highlights Kimilist’s artistry but also his ability to seamlessly blend themes of romance and passion with a raw, unfiltered edge, evident in the Syx-directed music video released in addition to the single. The video captures the perfect ride-or-die situation in a no-strings-attached relationship between one confident smooth talker and his sidekick, partner, and lover.

This release solidifies Kimilist’s reputation as a charismatic artist who can effortlessly capture the complexities of modern relationships. With “Peng Tin,” Kimilist and Abbla Unique have crafted a song that is both intoxicating and unforgettable, making it an essential listen for fans and a promising preview of the “Bad Boy Diaries” EP.

Stream the song on all streaming platforms here

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