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With the FENIX360 App, African Musicians Can Earn A Living With Their Music 

With the help of technology, the playing field has been leveled for both signed and unsigned musicians. With a few taps on a smartphone, musicians can distribute and market their content to the rest of the world.

The available social media apps provide musicians with a platform to publish content, engage with their fans, and communicate with peers in the music community. Although this is helpful, these apps do not solve the major problem musicians face which is being able to earn money directly with their creativity.

FENIX360 is an innovative app that has been introduced to empower artists to make a living while doing what they love. FENIX360 is a revolutionary, artist-centric social media platform that provides multiple ways for artists to significantly improve their income while providing users with a more engaging & fun experience. The FENIX360 ecosystem is powered by the FNX coin.

Since time immemorial, individuals working in the field of arts have had to suffer from the “starving artist syndrome”. Musicians, actors, models, painters, photographers, dancers, etc. have been forced to deal with highly unfair compensation structures that usually favor the middleman, ensuring that the creators themselves got very little if anything.

With FENIX360, the outdated systems that have been designed to make creatives “poor” will have to evolve or risk being shelved.

According to Founder and CEO Allan Klepfisz, he doesn’t mind if others replicate his and his team’s obsession with helping out artistes and creatives as a whole. “We’ll be very happy if others defensively duplicate our obsession with the welfare of artists”

“We don’t at all want or expect support for the artists to end with us. We indeed hope to be copied widely enough that all exploitative models are extinguished. But we’re not going to make it easy to keep up with us. We’ll keep on adding creative sources of revenue & powerful tools for artists”

Artists will earn money from 80% of the ad revenue, 95% of NFTs, live streaming, merchandise, experiences & tickets, etc.

Central to the FENIX360 ecosystem, is the ability for an artist or indeed anybody, to create a shareable app in 20 minutes or less, that represents them in a complete, 360-degree manner. This app can then be shared via a simple self-selected URL which enables instant mobile installation. Lance Ford, President & Founder observed: “With this simplicity, we hope to create a generation of enthusiastic app builders. It’s a great way to present yourself to fans or friends who are then encouraged to download the full app from the app stores. People love being efficiently creative. We think having your own app so readily, will excite them”

As perhaps the first global consumer app, to incorporate cryptocurrency, the FENX360 ecosystem is extremely simple for artists & fans alike. “We wanted to be one of the pioneers of eliminating all barriers within crypto. You can easily purchase the FNX360 coin all over the app, you can easily use it for any purchase, artists can easily get paid without having to set up an e-commerce system and it’s as close to frictionless as one can get” explained Tomas Varga, Fenix Partner & Head of Blockchain Strategy.

FENIX360 is proudly represented by a rapidly growing group of 6000+ FENIX GLOBAL ARTIST AMBASSADORS

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