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Yaba Buluku Boyz share their new party bomb, ‘Madam De Madam’ with Nigerian rapper, Falz in tow 

In anticipation of their upcoming studio album, the Yaba Buluku Boyz link Nigeria’s one and only Bahd Guy for their next Amapiano party banger, “Madam De Madam.” The song is poised to extend the Mozambican trio’s reign on Africa’s hottest charts and be another viral sensation. Check it out below.

When it comes to making hits in Africa, DJ Tarico, Nelson Tivane and Preck are proven masters. The three are the principal Amapiano marvels who have steadily grown into one of the industry’s influential forces through a long list of international collaborations. They are the gift that keeps giving, never failing to bring the continent’s diverse cultures together under the raging successes of their popular sounds.

Madam De Madam cover art
Madam De Madam cover art

Just weeks ago, the “Yaba Buluku” hit-makers teamed up with Lagos-born star, Crayon to give fans a blast with the festive vibes of ‘The One (Chop Life)’, an Amapiano party jam that soared past a million streams across the various music stores in no time. Following this exceptional performance, the Mozambican group are back again for an encore on ‘Madam De Madam’, this time with another Lagosian, Nigerian rapper-actor, Falz.

Led by the charismatic and comedic touch of the Bahd Guy, the track delivers on its equally amusing cover art. It plays as a light-hearted Amapiano party starter, perfect for luring partygoers to the dance floor, thanks to DJ Tarico’s infectious drum arrangements. And the feeling is epic. Falz cheekily flirts with a woman whose curvy figure prompts a couple of witty lines from him with the help of Nelson Tivane and Preck, who join in with catchy chants.

‘Madam De Madam’ is more than just ‘another party” song – it’s a viral sensation poised to take over the internet overnight and keep the Yaba Buluku Boyz at the top of the industry’s hottest charts and its culture. Speaking of his latest creation, DJ Tarico says: “Like anything we do, this is for Africa. Falz was the perfect artist to complete this funny song. We had a good time creating it and are confident DJs and fans will again enjoy what the Geobek Standard has helped bring together.

Under Geobek Records, the Yaba Buluku Boyz are on a mission to unite Africa through music. Their songs keep creating lasting impressions in the minds of people from diverse cultures and ethnicities. Like ‘Wa Kula’, ‘Madam De Madam’ gives fans a second glimpse of their upcoming studio album – a record that promises to be one of 2023’s most exciting big releases. ‘Madam De Madam’ is available in all music stores worldwide with a music video on the cards.

Listen to it here:

Connect with the Yaba Buluku Boyz on their Instagram: Yaba Buluku Boyz (@yababulukuboyz) • Instagram photos and videos.

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