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Yartti has us trapped in an emotional ‘Lockdown’ in his latest song


After snatching headlines with the success of his recent jaunty single, ‘Ben Dover,’ Ghanaian musician, Yartti shares his next big song, ‘Lockdown,’ showcasing his gripping vocals and eclectic music to fans in a svelte frame poised to rock your Summer! Listen here:

The word “lockdown” might invoke one of the unpleasant events in recent memory following the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you’re Yartti, even the most horrid of words could provide the perfect opportunity to lay in another steamy banger that no one can resist bobbing their heads and bodies to. And with the Summer soon to make its grand entrée, ‘Lockdown’ makes the utmost sense. It’s what the masses need to help keep the fun running.

Yartti Lockdown cover
(Yartti Lockdown cover)

With barely three minutes to impress his audience, Yartti’s composure and tone on ‘Lockdown’ are phenomenal. His style takes center stage, enveloped in a mesmerizing melody that constantly claws at your attention, wave after wave! The singer’s lithe lyrics aren’t any less elegant. They effortlessly complement his smooth vocals before melting into the track’s trance-like production for an intoxicating effect.

‘Lockdown’ continues Yartti’s trend of attracting more hype to an ideology of his: “Afro-Culture,” a sound that seamlessly blends multiple elements from genres like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul and Ghana’s very own Highlife into the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats. ‘Ben Dover’ was the first song to give audiences a taste of this captivating sound. Since its release, the song has garnered over half a million streams across all music platforms, leaving room for no doubt that Yartti is in to turn the industry on its head. And if there’s any takeaway from this, the rhythmic vibes of ‘Lockdown’ is set to be his next big thing.

In a world full of rising Afrobeats stars, Yartti is the rising Afrobeats star to watch. The expressive artist’s expertise inside and outside the production booth makes for a striking personality, as resonated in the peerless ‘Ben Dover.’ A single playthrough of his budding discography is enough to convince anyone that a lot awaits the highly-rated singer and producer. But for now, ‘Lockdown’ is the new song to extend his snazzy take on music in the industry. Don’t miss it.

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