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Zerrydl and Shallipopi Releases ‘Puff & Pass’ remix 

Shallipopi recently made a jaw-dropping announcement, unlocking a new level in his career. The talented artist has established his very own record label, Plutomania Records, marking a significant milestone in his career.

As the ripples of this revelation continue to reverberate throughout the music scene, Shallipopi’s vision for his label began to take shape with the signing of two promising acts hailing from Edo State: the Sere hitmaker, Evil Beast, and his blood brother, Zerrydl.


With the ink barely dry on his record deal, the newly-signed act, Zerrydl, wasted no time in getting to work. In a swift response to Shallipopi’s announcement, Zerrydl has already hit the ground running, collaborating on the remix of his street anthem, Puff & Pass with Shallipopi. Originally released in July, this track initially gained prominence as a viral sensation on TikTok before it made its way to the streets, where it quickly became a popular record. Now, with the indomitable Shallipopi adding Evian to the remix, Puff & Pass is set to reach new heights, fueled by the collective energy and creativity of these two remarkable artists.

To complete the immersive experience of Puff & Pass remix, an official music video is in the works and is set to be unveiled within a matter of hours. This visual accompaniment promises to take viewers on a visual journey that mirrors the vibrancy and energy of the song itself, adding an extra layer of depth and engagement to the overall artistic experience.

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