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Abitemi embraces her vulnerability in soulful new release ‘Prove’ 

Abitemi might still be an emerging voice in music, but make no mistake: she is already a huge sensation! Her ability to transform traditional Afro sounds into contemporary gems that bridge the worlds of Ghana, Nigeria and even Europe continues to be an exhilarating experience for many. And with her latest song finally out in the wild, the young singer has nothing to ‘Prove.’ Listen now:

On ‘Prove,’ the singer-songwriter is her most vulnerable yet. She passionately calls upon her lover’s attention with lyrics like, “Le-le-let me give you love, baby” and “Only your love I’m wanting,” reassuring them that she’s going nowhere: “Check my phone, I’m not lying.” There’s a squeakiness to Abitemi’s vocals that echo her hopelessness as she serenades with a soulful performance destined to capture hearts.

Abitemi Prove
Abitemi Prove


Abitemi distinguished herself from the pack since the days of her debut single, ‘Pariwo.’ The song was a success. It quickly gained popularity among unsuspecting listeners, earmarking the then-unknown singer as a talent with superstar potential. Subsequent releases only reaffirmed such sentiments and put the Nigerian-Ghanaian singer and songwriter on the road to success.

Born Abigail Shiwoniku, Abitemi’s captivating storytelling and dedication to being a trendsetter have set her apart as a powerful force in the rising scene. With two rich cultural backgrounds to tap from, her music benefits from a unique blend of Afrobeats, Afropop and Highlife, fused into other European inspirations to create a freshness many would adore.

As her ambitions grow, Abitemi plans to help take African music to the next level under Chontama Music Group. Through recent releases like ‘Billy Goat,’ which leaned into the UK’s Drill genre, she hopes to appeal to wider audiences. This dream to go global puts Abitemi on the frontlines, eager to redefine how diverse the continent’s creations can get. Who dares to stop her?

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