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Aimie Atkinson Unveils Her Debut Single With Halloween Anthem “Monster” 

Halloween is set to get a fresh and new sound with Aimie Atkinson’s latest single, “Monster.” Aimie is an Olivier-nominated actor celebrated for her roles in West End Musicals, including “SIX the Musical,” is stepping into the music scene with a thrilling song that’s bound to become the life of Halloween parties.

“I wanted to write a song people could dance to at Halloween events,” Aimie explains. “I love Halloween and wanted to combine dark lyrics with an uptempo beat. The song is about unleashing your inner beast! Having always been told to keep all your demons inside your head, ‘Monster’ is about letting it all come out. Not being afraid to show the darker side of yourself.”

Aimie Atkinson’s impressive theatrical career and her contribution to the “SIX” musical’s GOLD album, streamed over 100 million times, have already solidified her presence in the entertainment industry. “Monster” marks her official entry into the music world.

“‘Monster’ is part of a larger EP that will be coming out in 2024 and it’s set to become a Halloween anthem. Stream and download “Monster” below:

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