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Apple Music Africa Now Radio Features King Promise

King Promise Africa Now Radio

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Ghanaian Afrobeats star King Promise joins Nandi Madida via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest single, “Continental (feat. Shallipopi).” He also discusses his new album, ‘True To Self,’ his creative process, and what he loves about contributing to culture.

The Big 5
Nandi Madida shares the 5 hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from Oxlade, Ravanny & Harmonize, Stonebwoy, DJ Stokie & Sobzeen feat. Lington, and PHILA DLOZI.

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Friday, June 14th at 9a Lagos/London / 10a Johannesburg/Paris / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 at [and broadcast on YFM Accra every Sunday at 2pm, YFM Kumasi on Saturdays at 3pm and YFM Takoradi on Saturdays at 6pm].


King Promise Tells Apple Music About the Global Popularity of His Song, “Terminator”

I love to contribute to my culture—the goal has always been global domination through our music as Africans. The fact now the world is catching on—even they are late but they are welcome to the party—I’m blessed, not just as a Ghanaian, but as an African in general. It’s so beautiful to see the world latching on to what we’re doing, love it and appreciate it.

When “Terminator” dropped, it was another level of what I’m doing, for me. It was such a blessing to have a record known all over the globe; it’s just so beautiful. After that it’s just been back-to-back with “Paris,” “Perfect Combi,” “Favourite Story” and now finally the album, so I’ve been super proud of this whole movement right now.

King Promise Tells Apple Music How He Felt No Pressure To Deliver With His New Album, ’True To Self’

It’s always been [about] having fun for the music, becauseI feel like that’s when you make the magic. When you overcalculate it and you overthink it, you lose a spark, and this is something I learned from the OGs before I became established in the business. It’s good to be a perfectionist—I like my things perfect—but there’s also beautify in the flaws, so it’s always to a certain level.

There’s really no pressure—I never go to the studio like, “I need to make a hit today,” you know? I go to the studio making music that I love and giving it my very best, because obviously I believe I’m blessed with this talent and I really don’t need to overthink it, and that’s really how I always move in what I do. It’s never really pressure, it’s more like excitement… it pushes me to want to do more.

King Promise Tells Apple Music What Inspired the Title of His New Album, ’True To Self’

Life and growth [inspired this album title]. I just got to the point where I felt the most important thing and the best thing you can to do to yourself is really lean into your originality and what you represent, and where you belong. All those things are important in making you grow into a better person. I’ve always kept it 100 with my music. I don’t do music because of what’s popping, I make music that I love, and I’m actually true to myself.

With a few things happening in my life at the point when I started working on the album, it just felt like [it was] the right title to call it, because I thought I’m gonna go back to the basics. I’m allowing myself to be vulnerable, allow myself to be a superstar, allow myself to be a fan, and allow myself to be an artist.

King Promise Tells Apple Music About His Song, “Continental (feat. Shallipopi)”

It was one of the very last songs I made on the album. My friend GuiltyBeatz produced it. I hadn’t seen him in almost a year because he’s been travelling the world—I know he just finished an album with Tems—but finally he came bearing gifts, like “Bro, I have something for you. I was just waiting to see you, when I made this one I knew it was yours.” Then he plays the “Continental” beat and I’m like, “What the hell is this?” It was just a match made in heaven, It was so perfect. When I got through those first lines I was like yes, this is truly ‘True To Self,’ and I just took it from there.

Eventually I was talking to my manager and I said that Shallipopi will sound good and it will bring out another side of him. He heard it and was crazy about it, and I’m happy for what we’ve put together. He came to Ghana, we shot the video and everything’s beautiful… I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.