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Boston’s Young Prodigy Producer WSK Breezy, Drops New Single “On The Block” Featuring Rico CashinFirst 

At just 14 years old, WSK Breezy, hailing from Boston has released his latest creation, a vibrant track titled “On The Block,” featuring the dynamic rap stylings of Rico CashinFirst, a Brooklyn-based artist making waves in the New York rap scene.

Having dedicated years to perfecting his craft, music isn’t just a hobby for this teenage sensation, it’s a passionate pursuit that manifests in the meticulous production of “On The Block.”

Rico CashinFirst takes center stage on the mic, representing Brooklyn, New York, with an energy-packed flow that seamlessly aligns with the beat. The chemistry between the producer and rapper is evident, creating a synergistic blend that enhances the overall listening experience. Rico’s delivery is not only impressive but also features solid lines and a consistent rhythm, reflecting his dedication to the art of rap.

“On The Block” stands out not only for its lyrical prowess but also for its top-notch production. The clean sound and well-crafted beat contribute to the song’s overall polish, elevating it to the potential status of a certified hit. The young producer’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of the track.

Inspired by artists like Kay Flock and 22gz, the beat carries the essence of the vibrant New York rap scene. The influence of these artists is evident, yet WSK Breezy brings a fresh and distinctive touch to the sound, carving out a space for his creative expression.

As the music industry welcomes a new generation of talent, this 14-year-old producer from Boston is making a significant mark with “On The Block.” The release not only showcases his technical skills but also underscores his passion and dedication to the art form. “On The Block” serves as a testament to the potential that young, emerging artists bring to the evolving landscape of hip-hop

Stream “On The Block” Here:


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