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British Ghanaian R&B Sensation Dessireé Unveils Latest Single ‘Have You Forgotten Me’


British Ghanaian R&B and Soul artiste Dessireé has unveiled her latest single, “Have You Forgotten Me” (HYFM), on April 12, 2024. This self-produced record combines her soulful R&B voice with her love for dance, resulting in a unique fusion of Alt-Soul/R&B and Afrobeat genres.

“Have You Forgotten Me” sees Dessireé tapping into this year’s dance music energy with her own twist, incorporating influences of garage, grime, and UK bass music. The single reflects her UK influences, evident in the melodies and pockets she chooses, showcasing her inspirations and styles that have contributed to her sound.


The song, complemented by an amapiano instrumental, is a powerful ballad that delves into the theme of realizing one’s potential and self-worth after leaving a situation and environment that has suppressed one’s value for so long. It serves as a liberation song that revels in self-discovery and self-love, capturing different elements of music and taking the listener on a musical journey.

Dessireé, an Alternative-Soul musician, describes her genre as “Alternative-Soul,” creating music from the soul with the ability to express freely with alternative genres. Her first EP, “Tell Me Y,” funded by the British Arts Council, showcased her talents for songwriting, self-production, and all-round artistry. Since releasing her first single in 2019, Dessireé has been featured on a number of key Spotify playlists and played on BBC Sounds Radio.

As a Black British Ghanaian female producer and artist, Dessireé’s identity influences the song, giving it a westernized and culturally African vibe. “Have You Forgotten Me” is a testament to her ability to express what it feels and sounds like to be a new age artist of the African diaspora, both on and off the dance floor.

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