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B-Smirk shares euphonious new single titled ‘Kaleidoscope’.

A kaleidoscope is an object containing mirrors and colored glass whose reflections produce ever-changing majestic patterns.
B-Smirk: “In the context of the song I compare a Kaleidoscope to a human being; a human with countless beautiful attributes and a warm heart. Someone that does not recognize their beauty due to insecurities.”

B-Smirk continues to grow as a brand and a musician. After meeting platinum-selling American artist Guapdad4000 and 2x Grammy-winning producer Illmind, the multi-talented rapper B-Smirk is out with a new single titled Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope plays on the emotions of romance and love as well as self-introspection. A wide variety of instruments such as pianos, flutes, and samples accompany strong lead vocals and ‘dreamy’ harmonies by B-Smirk using various metaphors and similes to paint a vivid picture.

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